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“Traflick made it incredibly easy for me to attract new customers for my shop”

Michael Foster
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Targeted Visitors for your Website

Maximize the efficiency of your campaign with over +150 countries and choose from over 260 available niches and interests.

Search Engine Ranking

Improve your SEO and website ranking on search engines with SERP traffic and keyword targeting. Perfectly measurable and performance driven.

Generate Sales & Leads

Set the right focus to your potential customers. Break your campaign down to the niche and get higher paying leads and conversions in no time.

Content Related Visitors

Create awareness for your brand, company or get new readers for your blog. Draw attention to events with precise geo and content targeting.

Optimize your SEO

Search Engine Ranking

Benefit from a higher website ranking with optimized click through rates and keyword matching.

Domain Authority

Improve the score of your domain authority by indicating to search engines that your website is relevant for specific keywords.

SERP Traffic

We help you to find high quality traffic for your keywords to get your website towards the first position on search engines.

Click Trough Rate

Increase your CTR with targeted website traffic. A higher click to impression rate indicates a more relevant website ranking.

Get new conversions

Generate Sales & Leads

Increase the ability of attracting more website visitors that convert with outstanding interest targeting options.


With accurate targeted website traffic your shop will attract potential customers who will be more likely to buy your products.


Focusing on the right audience in your business sector will help you to get more and higher paying leads.

Niche Targeting

With our smart niche targeting method, we will identify the right users for your business and engage them to visit your website.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Network

AI Advertising

Our self-learning AI analyzes user’s browsing and searching interests to match your targeting.

Display Ads

Display ads will be displayed as a small banner on other websites, blogs, and forums.

Push Ads

Users receive push notifications with an ad for your website while browsing.

Pop-Under Ads

This ad automatically appears below when a user opens one of the websites from our network.

Buy Website Traffic

Pricing Plan

Start with one of our preselected plans to customize your traffic or build your own plan with up to 1 million Visitors. You can save 20% by choosing monthly subscription.


10,000 Visitors


Billed monthly

25,000 Visitors


Billed monthly

50,000 Visitors


Billed monthly

100,000 Visitors


Billed monthly

150,000 Visitors


Billed monthly

200,000 Visitors


Billed monthly

250,000 Visitors


Billed monthly

500,000 Visitors


Billed monthly

1,000,000 Visitors


Billed monthly

Anti Fraud

Our fraud detection system is continually evolving and detects a wide range of ad fraud ensuring clean and high-quality clicks.

Precise Targeting

With our precise targeting options we offer tailored traffic to match the interests of your business.

Self-Learning AI

For our services, we developed a smart self-learning AI that adapts to each client’s specific needs and goals.

Lightning Fast Results

With a few clicks you can create your campaign and see the first results in a short time after your campaign has been approved.

24/7 Support

We are happy to help you with your needs. Our support team is always available to assist you with all your questions and inquiries.

Save & Trackable

Track your campaign easily with or links or use Analytics to get deeper insights. Trackable with all common tracking tools.

Case Studies

What clients say about us

Don’t just take our word for it and see how Traflick has helped other website owners grow their business.

Phillip S.
Phillip S.
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Traflick is a good way to achieve better ranking in addition to your own OnPage SEO in a time-saving and effective way. I have used this method to boost my sales a lot.
Richard H.
Richard H.
Read More
I can definitely recommend Traflick! It takes a bit to get the right results. After running the campaign for a few months and trying various settings, I did see a significant progress.
Claire W.
Claire W.
Read More
They provide high-quality traffic and are really professional. I chose one of their monthly plans and I really enjoy it because I can customize my campaign to my interests and conversions.
Jonathan A.
Jonathan A.
Read More
I wanted to mention something fantastic about this site that I've noticed - I’ve used the keyword option and recognized in Analytics that the visits actually searched for the word I paid for.
Ryan O.
Ryan O.
Read More
It's without a doubt one of the most useful and reliable traffic sources I've ever used. We've been running campaigns for months and have seen steady, organic growth.
Isiah L.
Isiah L.
Read More
You’ll have a difficulty in finding a company that provides genuine website traffic as Traflick does. I tried out other services but this is the only one I stick with.
Dave G.
Dave G.
Read More
They responded to all of my inquiries promptly and provided fantastic customer service. I've never encountered such excellent support!
Zaya L.
Zaya L.
Read More
I'll certainly employ their services again because they're really competent and honest. I did always get the results they promised!
Violet M.
Violet M.
Read More
Great job on building a traffic platform that allows purchasers to have complete control over their campaigns. I placed an order for $49 and set up my campaign with niche targeted traffic from USA to run on my blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact our support.

How can I track my traffic?

Please note that Google Analytics will track your website traffic most accurate, and we highly advise that you have Google Analytics installed and operating on your website before placing an order. There might be a problem with your GA installation if your traffic statistics tab is blank.
You may also provide a link to track your incoming traffic.

How does your service work?

We drive traffic to your website by displaying pop-under or native adverts to users browsing our media network. We are able to provide thousands of unique visitors each day at high quality with specialized targeting via Ai. Your incoming traffic will include both mobile and desktop users mainly coming from your selected geo location and partially from mixed locations.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and payments. You can also choose to checkout with Apple Pay. We will do our best to add new payment methods in the future.

Are there any rules I should follow when ordering?

Yes, please ensure that your website or affiliate link completely conforms with our advertising requirements to ensure the integrity of our network and a seamless ordering procedure. These standards were intended to ensure that your orders will be accepted, and that our network only includes high-quality publisher sites. Your advertising account may be blocked from promoting any sites on our network if you violate the restrictions.

What is your Refund Policy?

Any campaign that has yet to go live is eligible for a complete refund. Campaigns and plans that have already begun cannot be canceled.  If this is a concern for you, we recommend to avoid using our platform.

How can I cancel my subscription?

From within your billing dashboard, you can pause or cancel all your subscriptions. You don’t have any active subscriptions on our site if you don’t have a billing account. When you place an order, your billing account is created instantly and you will receive an email with your login details. Subscriptions are automatically renewed every 30 or 7 days depending if you choose a monthly or weekly subscription.


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